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PACU reading resources

As part of your PACU rotation, we ask you read one paper/article a day about a PACU issue or topic that you are interested in. Since the field of medicine is constantly updating and evolving, it is difficult to keep links and resources up-to-date on Ether. In addition, it is a useful skill to conduct your own literature search on topics that interest you or questions you want answered regarding PACU concepts. This will help you continue to be a lifelong learner and continue to practice evidence based medicine far beyond your residency years.

But we would like to help you get started by listing a few resources to give you some foundational knowledge and provide examples:

  1. Miller's Anesthesia Review (2nd Edition) - Chapter 36 - Postanesthesia Recovery -
    This is a tried and true classic.

  2. Practice guidelines -
    These are useful but they are always updated so be sure you are looking at the most recent ones. I'm including some interesting papers as an example of what you might find useful knowing that these may have been updated (so you should check!).

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