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Welcome to the ASC (Ambulatory Surgery Center) rotation! We hope your two week experience brings you a fresh perspective on anesthesia for ambulatory surgery, allows you to forge relationships with the staff here, and gives you a chance to pursue your professional goals.

Each day you will be assigned to an ASC room. In an effort to help ensure you have the best ambulatory anesthesia experience in terms of patients and types of surgeries (ideally outpatient procedures or whatever you most desire is OK as well), you can choose your own case assignments. In order to do so, please call the Main OR scheduler (at 736-0249) by 9am to make requests for the following day (for advice feel free to discuss this process with your attending of the day).

In order to have the most enriching experience, try to follow-up on your patients. If there is time during the day, please ask your attending for a few minutes so that you can call your patients from the day before and see how they are doing. This might be difficult on some days, but if you are able to do it you will learn so much!

Please review the rest of the ASC rotation website, as it contains helpful information to guide you through your rotation.

As you may know, our department will implement the Milestones evaluation as proposed by the ACGME in July 2014 . Please visit
for a detailed description of the project.

The Rotation Syllabus includes a schedule of topics to be discussed with your attending as you progress through the rotation. Click on the topic to view pertinent articles. If there is a different topic relevant to your patients or cases, feel free to veer off the schedule. Please let your attending know the topic for the day when you call to discuss your cases the day before. The additional topics section is for further review as time allows.

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