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Welcome to the Vascular Anesthesia Rotation!

Please complete the pre and post-rotation survey below to help us gather feedback on this new rotation.
Below you will find resources to guide you through your clinical and knowledge-based learning. You may find the learning modules for common vascular procedures particularly useful for setup and case flow, as well as for salient learning points for standardized tests. You should also complete your I-STAT ACT certification early in the rotation if you have not already done so, as running activated clotting time testing intraoperatively is integral to many vascular procedures. Resources to aid in this can be found in the link below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Elizabeth Koch at

Pre-rotation survey

Curriculum objectives

Learning modules for common vascular procedures

I-STAT ACT Certification:


Initial ACT Competency Test

6-month Competency Test

Annual Competency Test

I-STAT ACT Training PowerPoint

Quick Tips for I-STAT Training

Question bank

Additional reading list

Post-rotation survey


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