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Stanford Urology Rotation

Welcome to the Urology Rotation!

Please review the ACGME Goals and Objectives article for a glimpse of what we hope to accomplish over this two week rotation.  During this rotation, you will have the opportunity to dive into the world of urologic surgery, and as you will quickly discover, there is a lot of material for you to discover.  You should begin by reviewing renal physiology and pathophysiology, and the relevant pharmacology (renal metabolism of anesthetic drugs and neurotoxins).  You will find Barash as an excellent source for this initial review.  Following this reading, we would recommend that you turn to our recommended journal articles.  They cover a vast range of topics including cardiorenal syndrome, massive transfusion, the effects of steep trendelberg, urosepsis, neuraxial anesthesia benefits and TURP syndrome, to name a few.  To help you prepare for your cases, we have found that UpToDate has a good summary of the operations from a surgical perspective so if you can't find what you need in Jaffe you may find more detailed information on UpToDate.

Please select one article that strikes your interest and present the article to an attending during your second week of the rotation.  This is an informal discussion of the article, no slides are required!  At the end of the rotation let one of us know who you presented to so that we can seek feedback from him or her.  No one will remind you to do this, it is up to you to initiate this presentation to the attending of your choice during the second week.

After completion of the rotation, please send us a quick email with your own self-assessment.  What did you learn?  What were your strengths?  What were your weaknesses?  And lastly, let us know how we can make the rotation better.
A few words on the nuts and bolts of the rotation: the urologists do not have block time every day so it is possible that you may not always be assigned to a urology case, but hopefully you are able to gain something each day nonetheless.  As of now, the core group of anesthesia attendings who belong to the urology group include Drs. Brock-Utne, Rosenthal, Saidman, and Fanning, and us.
Let us know if you have any questions.  We look forward to working with you!
Kimberly Valenta & Periklis Panousis


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