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Stanford Abdominal Surgery Rotation

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The assignments below indicate which section you should read that evening/night in order to be prepared to discuss the topic following day in the OR. Of course if you are scheduled to do a Whipple on your first day feel free to change the order and read up on whipples the night before instead of the assigned section- we want you to look like a superstar too!

In the outline below, numbered sections refer to "MAJOR" topics, lettered sections refer to "SUB-TOPICS" some of which are included within the major topic (see next page for details).

Day Schedule:

Date Section to read discuss the following day

Weekend before rotation starts Read Section #1 & A- Appendectomy/NPO

Day 1- Monday Read Section #2 & B- Chole/pneumo

Day 2- Tuesday Read Section #3 & C- Nissen/CVP

Day 3- Wednesday Read Section #4 & D- Small bowel/PONV

Day 4- Thursday Read Section #5 & E- Colectomy/Fluids

Day 5- Friday Catch up on sleep

Weekend literature search on topic of interest to discuss on Monday!

Day 6- Monday Read Section #6 & F- Liver resections/NMBs

Day 7- Tuesday Read Section #7 & G-Whipple/Epidural/Blood

Day 8- Wednesday Read Section #8 & H- GIST/NGT

Day 9- Thursday Be prepared to debrief/provide feedback

Day 10- Friday Enjoy your weekend!

**Please don’t forget to provide feedback throughout the rotation!**

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