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Anesthesia and Pain Service Guidelines For Primary Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty

Working Group:      Jonay Hill, Stuart Goodman, Hutch Huddleston, Alex Macario,
                              Sean Mackey, Bill Maloney, Lindsey Vokach-Brodsky,
                              Pedro Tanaka, Einar Ottestad, Nicholas Giori, Matthew Miller.

Version:                    5   (Date: November 30, 2012)

Background: A coordinated multidisciplinary perioperative approach to total joint replacement
surgery leads to more rapid recovery and improved patient satisfaction. Given the increasing
evidence in many areas of health care that standardization may improve outcome and safety, the Department of Anesthesiology is working with the orthopedic surgeons on a revision of the
original January 2007 standard operating procedure for best practice anesthesia and
postoperative pain management.

Goal: This document outlines recommended guidelines for patients who undergo hip or knee

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