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Summary of Sections

In the outline below, numbered sections refer to “MAJOR” topics, lettered sections refer to “SUB-TOPICS” some of which are included within the major topic, some of which are listed as “separate” files. File formats vary for each section and are listed below.

#1: Appendectomy

         Subtopic 1A:  Discussion of NPO guidelines

          word.png1A-NPO and aspiration.docx                            *Click   Here to View Online

#2: Cholecystectomy


Subtopic 2B: Anesthetic considerations of pneumoperitoneum powerpoint.gif2B-Pneumoperitoneum.pptx

#3: Nissen fundoplication

Subtopic 3C: Use of invasive monitors: Does CVP really matter? (See #3) powerpoint.gif3C-Nissen and CVP.ppt

#4: Small bowel resection (Word file)

Subtopic 4D: PONV prophylaxis powerpoint.gif4D-PONV_VMoll1_2012.pptx

#5: Colectomy/APR pdf.gifColon surgeries vm 071512.pdf

Subtopic 5E: Evidence-based intra-operative fluid resuscitation (separate *.ppt)

#6: Liver resections (Powerpoint) ppt.gif6-Liver_resection.pptx

Subtopic 6F: Use of neuromuscular blockade & reversal agents word.png6F-Neuromuscular Blockade.docx *Click Here to View Online

#7: Whipple resection pdf.gif7-Whipple.pdf

Subtopic 7G: Pain management & epidural use (see #7) powerpoint.gif7G-Blood-transfusion.pptx

Evidence-based blood transfusion (separate *.ppt)

#8: Gastric Resection and NGT (Powerpoint) powerpoint.gif8-Gastric Resection.ppt

Subtopic 8H: NGTs (see #8)

#9: Communication and Conflict Resolution in the OR

          powerpoint.gif9-Communication & Conflict Resolution.pptx

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