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Liver Transplant Anesthesia Resources

Educational resources for the rotation can be downloaded here.

Information specific to the liver transplant anesthesia rotation requires SUNet ID access.

ZIP File Click on the graphic to the left to download the files (13.69 MB)

The archive contains the following files:

  1. Anesthesia Liver Transplant Slides
  2. Anesthesia for Liver Transplant
  3. Anesthesia for Liver Transplant Review
  4. NEJM Acute Liver Failure
  5. 2010 Acute Liver Failure
  6. Hepatic and Cardiac Iron Overload
  7. Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
  9. Portopulmonary HTN
  10. WJH-Hepatorenal Syndrome
  11. Coagulation Profile of Liver Disease
  12. Acute Kidney Injury in Liver Transplant
  13. LDLT Western Perspective

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