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Cardiac Anesthesia Resident Rotation

Welcome to Cardiac Anesthesia Resident Rotation!

Cardiac anesthesia is an intensely challenging and immensely rewarding rotation, introducing you to myriad new skills involving the management of high acuity, medically complex patients undergoing extensive surgical procedures. Cases can be very exciting, and you will learn a tremendous amount in a short period of time. The unfamiliar environment and rapid pace of the cardiac OR is busy and may, at times, feel overwhelming. Nevertheless, be assured that cardiac anesthesia is truly a team sport and you are an integral part of that team. Together we will care for some of the sickest patients in the hospital.

Given the steep learning curve and busy days, it is important to soak up knowledge in every way you can. In the OR, you will be busy: doing procedures, managing the patient, learning about and paying attention to the surgery (here like nowhere else in the OR, what the surgeon is doing directly affects our management), and interacting with a whole new set of specialists - the perfusionists. Read whenever you can - about your patients' cardiac lesions, about the surgical procedure, about cardiopulmonary bypass - using whatever modern learning tool you prefer. Aside from getting to know the complex interplay between disease pathophysiology, comorbidities and anesthesia, a key component of cardiac anesthesia is knowing what the surgeon is doing, is about to do, and will be doing before the end of the case. Pay attention to the other side of the drapes at all times.

Please review these materials before you start preparing for your first case. This is designed to assist in your transition from the general ORs to the cardiac ORs, and other resources will be necessary for specific case preparation and knowledge acquisition.

Welcome to the cardiac anesthesia team.

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