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Regional Anesthesiology and Acute Pain Medicine Resources

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Educational resources for the regional anesthesia rotation can be downloaded here. File

Resident Lectures

  1. Ankle Block
  2. Axillary Block
  3. Femoral Block
  4. Infraclavicular Block
  5. Interscalene Block
  6. Intravenous Regional Anesthesia "Bier Block"
  7. Local Anesthetic
  8. Lumbar Plexus Block
  9. Paravertebral Block
  10. Popliteal Block
  11. Regional Anesthesia Complications
  12. Sciatic Block
  13. Supraclavicular Block
  14. TAP Block
  15. Understanding Ultrasound for Regional Anesthesia

Other Resources

  1. THA/Joint Protocol
  2. Foot/Ankle Chou Protocol
  3. Nimbus Patient Guide
  4. Nimbus Clinican Guide

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