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Welcome to the resident resources page on Ether. Please use the links to the left to access resident-specific information, such as the schedules for educational sessions and events.


Academic Hours Submission Form

** Please use the above form for submitting your academic hours when on MSD services!

2023-2024 Block Schedule Request Form

** Please use the above form to submit schedule requests for your block schedules. Request personal days, conferences, time off for doctor’s appointments, etc. using this link! Please keep in mind that if you must submit a request after the deadline noted in the scheduling email, please complete this form AND contact the chiefs directly.

Suggestion Box

** We want to hear your thoughts about the program! Your input will help us improve the resident experience. This is a CONFIDENTIAL sheet (you’re welcome to share your name, if you like) and we will use the information we gather here to provide feedback to the program at our monthly Education Committee meetings. Let your voice be heard! Note: requires SUNET ID for access.

Unexpected absence: calling out sick, family emergency, etc.

Step 1: CALL the on-call chief (found on Amion).

We are here to support you and help you find coverage while you are away.

Step 2: CALL your attending.

This is the next person to call as they may need to make early arrangements for the day.

Step 3: CALL the appropriate scheduler/rotation director (i.e. MSD, subspecialty)

This will help establish contingency plans for coverage.

Step 4. Get some R&R.

Take care of yourself! We all miss work from time to time. Make sure you have what you need to feel supported and let us know how we can help! We will keep in touch. Here’s the link for Stanford Anesthesia’s Absence Policy to understand what your options are:

Stanford Anesthesia Absence Policy 


Can I go to a conference? How does Stanford reimburse for conference expenditures?

Useful Links

Airway Pager ScheduleAirway Pager Handoff Algorithm

** Airway pager schedule. Can also be found on AMION scheduling. Note: requires SUNet ID for access


ACGME Case Log

** Keep up-to-date submitting your cases to the ACGME to stay on-track for graduation!

HiTEC (from Housestaff IT)

** A website from the Housestaff Information Technology Enhancement Council to improve the efficiency and quality of the care you provide your patients.

Important Phone Numbers


WikiConsult (SUNet login required):

RSC Paging Application (updated daily by the RSC consult team): (click on Paging Application for Consults)

Spectrum (The Stanford Center for Clinical and Translational Education and Researchis) offering clinical research training awards to graduate students, senior fellows, medical students and junior faculty in health-related fields.

Applications for are due by Aug. 9. Program details (SEE ATTACHED PDF)

Spectrum Clinical Research Training

Please note, starting July 1, 2012, the resident call schedule for the Stanford MSD and its subspecialties, OB, general peds, and adult cardiac will be published and maintained on AMION and the Ether Dashboard website. Please use the links below for all other rotations. The yearly master schedule is available only on AMION.


2023-2024 Master Rotation Schedule
2023-2024 Master Rotation Schedule link

2022-2023 Master Rotation Schedule
2022-2023 Master Rotation Schedule link

2021-2022 Master Rotation Schedule
2021-2022 Master Rotation Schedule link

2020-2021 Master Rotation Schedule
2020-2021 Master Rotation Schedule link

MICU Call Schedule
MICU schedule link


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