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Educational Time Policy

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Residents are encouraged to present their research at conferences and participate in leadership and advocacy events at the local, regional and national level. These absences are scheduled in the same way as sick days, but do NOT count towards their “personal day” totals as they are spending the time participating in activities benefiting their education and/or the department of anesthesia.

Residents are expected to submit their educational time off requests to the rotation director and chief residents. Time off is subject to individual rotation requirements and limitations. Residents should not make any travel plans prior to rotation director and chief resident approval. Residents are expected to find coverage for any calls they are assigned to during their time away from the rotation.

Within one week after attendance, residents are required to submit a summary of the event to the chair of the education committee (Dr. Tanaka) and Program Coordinator (Janine Roberts). Additionally, they must upload the summary to Medhub. Summaries can consist of a copy of a poster or slide presentation, or a paragraph of their contribution to the session. Lastly, a photograph for the Stanford Anesthesia instagram and/or website would be greatly appreciated.

Examples of events eligible for Educational time are as follows:


Stanford Anesthesiology Society Resident Representatives

Each residency class has one elected ASA/CSA representative and one elected ASAPAC/GASPAC representative. Under the schedule coordination with the chief residents, they may attend the ASA and/or CSA meetings. Additionally, the representative must receive approval from their rotation director prior to any travel plans. Determination on approved time off is left to the discretion of the chief residents.

Attending the annual ASA mtg: the department financially supports one elected ASA/CSA representative from each class to attend. One additional resident will be sponsored by the CSA.

Attending the CSA annual Mtg: the department financially supports all six representatives (2 per class) to attend. These residents are encouraged to present posters at the meeting.

Representatives seeking approval to attend ASA/ CSA should email a paragraph to the Program Director and Chief residents describing activities they will be involved with during the meeting. Upon return, the representative should prepare a short report to their classmates regarding activities and how fellow residents can become involved. This could be during lecture time, libero, or the education committee meeting.


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