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Note to Instructors - Stanford Libero Lectures


Libero Keyword Presentation Template - Revised 2017.pptx (Download)

Update on Stanford MSD “Libero” Initiative

This program was designed to improve resident education based on daily review of actual In-Training Exam keywords. We have received excellent feedback from residents about the program.

Please, pick a topic for a talk no longer than 15 min (including questions) from this link:

Available keywords are listed in black.

Type your name and date of your presentation directly on the sheet next to your chosen keyword.
Changes are saved automatically in the document.
Clicking over the keyword will show a link to:

Give the same talk at 10AM, noon and 2 PM, and email the presentation using the attached template to Stanford AIM Lab (, and copy to Dr. Lemmens ( and Dr. Tanaka (

Harry and Pedro


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