Ether Resources for Anesthesia Research and Education

Stanford Libero Lectures

  1. Basic Sciences

    1. Anatomy

    2. Physics, Monitoring, and Anesthesia Delivery Devices

    3. Mathematics

    4. Pharmacology

  2. Clinical Sciences: Anesthesia Procedures, Methods, and Techniques

    1. Evaluation of the Patient and Preoperative Preparation

    2. Regional Anesthesia

    3. General Anesthesia

    4. Monitored Anesthesia Care and Sedation

    5. Intravenous Fluid Therapy During Anesthesia

    6. Common Complications

    7. Postoperative Care

    8. Special Techniques

  3. Organ-Based Basic and Advanced Clinical Sciences

    1. Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems

    2. Respiratory System

    3. Cardiovascular System

    4. Gastrointestinal/Hepatic Systems

    5. Renal and Urinary Systems/Electrolyte Balance

    6. Hematologic System

    7. Endocrine and Metabolic System

    8. Neuromuscular Diseases and Disorders

  4. Clinical Subspecialties

    1. Painful Disease States

    2. Pediatric Anesthesia

    3. Obstetric Anesthesia

    4. Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) Anesthesia: Airway Endoscopy, Microlaryngeal Surgery, Laser Surgery, Hazards, Complications (Airway Fires, etc.) Laser-Safe Endotracheal Tubes, Maxillofacial Trauma

    5. Anesthesia for Plastic Surgery

    6. Anesthesia for Laparoscopic Surgery, Cholecystectomy, Gynecologic Surgery, Gastric Stapling, Hiatus Hernia Repair, Robotic Surgery, Anesthetic Management, Complications

    7. Ophthalmologic Anesthesia, Retrobulbar and Peribulbar Blocks, Open Eye Injuries, Intraocular Pressure

    8. Orthopedic Anesthesia

    9. Trauma Anesthesia

    10. Anesthesia for Ambulatory Surgery

    11. Geriatric Anesthesia/Aging

    12. Critical Care

  5. Special Problems or Issues in Anesthesiology

    1. Electroconvulsive Therapy

    2. Organ Donors: Pathophysiology and Clinical Management

    3. Radiologic Procedures; CT Scan; MRI-Anesthetic Implications/Management, Anesthesia in Locations Outside the Operative Rooms

    4. Physician Impairment or Disability: Substance Abuse, Fatigue, Aging, Visual and Auditory Impairment, American Disabilities Act

    5. Ethics, Practice Management, and Medicolegal Issues

  6. Miscellaneous

  7. Board Review Questions

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