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COVID-19 Resources

VAPAHCS COVID-19 Resources

For incoming anesthesiologists
          VA COVID-19 Startup Guide (SUNET ID required)
Enhanced PPE
     CAPR Airway
          CAPR Donning (updated: 7/16)
          CAPR outer layer doffing (updated: 7/16)
          CAPR inner layer doffing (updated: 7/16)
   N95 Airway
          N95 Donning (updated: 7/15)
          N95 outer layer doffing (updated: 7/15)
          N95 inner layer doffing (updated: 7/15)
   CAPR Double Shroud Hood
          CAPR Double Shroud Donning (updated: 7/16)
          CAPR Double Shroud Outer Doffing (updated: 7/15)
   Training Videos
          Training Videos
   Quick PAPR Care Review
          Quick PAPR Care Review (updated: 4/15)
   3M PAPR
          3M PAPR FAQ (12/10)
          3M PAPR donning (12/10)
          3M PAPR doffing (12/10)

COVID-19 Airway Call
        Equipment list (updated: 4/10)
        Call day workflow (updated: 4/10) (SUNET ID required)
        Attending call schedule
        Resident block schedule (updated: 5/18) (SUNET ID required)
        Letter - Essential Employee (SUNET ID required)

        CODE 95 diagram
        CODE 95 Activation Diagram (updated: 4/6)
        Ward protocol
        ED protocol
        ICU protocol
        AHA COVID 19 ACLS
        AHA COVID 19 BLS
        Pre-intubation checklist (updated: 4/7)
        Transportation of COVID+/PUI pts (updated: 4/9)
        Route from 7H to Building 100 (with patient)
        CODE 95 for Nurses
        CODE 95 for RT

OR Protocols
        OR Protocols

        Communication (SUNET ID required)

Wellness Resources
        COVID-19 Lodging for Local Staff (Memorandum) (SUNET ID required)
        Addressing Common COVID-19 Fears (updated: 3/21)
        Protecting Your Family
        WellMD Mental Health Support
        Physician Resource Network Support Program
        COVID-19 Pro Bono Counseling Project
        Physician coach

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