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COVID-19 Resources

OR Protocols


COVID-19 Interventional Platform: Testing Criteria for Surgeries and Procedures (updated: 2/18)


COVID-19 Interventional Platform: Patient Flow (updated: 11/16)


Protocol for Preoperative Patients Who Test Positive For COVID-19 (updated: 11/2)


COVID-19 RT-PCR Specimen Collection and Handling (updated: 8/31)


COVID-19 Interventional Platform: Room Cleaning Workflow (updated: 7/20)


Patient Refuses to Be Tested for COVID-19 (updated: 5/21)


Pre-Procedure Routine COVID Workflows (updated: 5/13)

COVID Intraop OR Protocols

In-patient Testing Recommendations (updated: 12/14)

  • for Patients without prior known COVID-19
  • for in-patients with a PRIOR POSITIVE RT-PCR within the past 20-90 days
  • for in-patients with a NEGATIVE RT-PCR test on admission, ASYMPTOMATIC, now with a POSITIVE RT-PCR during same admission

Updated Guidance for OR Cases (updated: 9/3)


IP COVID+ Team Huddle Checklist (updated: 8/24)


Aerosol Generating Procedure Protection for Patients in Whom COVID-19 is Not Detected or Not Suspected (updated: 8/26)


Anesthesia Tips Card (updated: 03/19)


OR Checklist for Emergency Cases (updated: 3/28)


Guidelines For MAC/Sedation


Helpful Literature for MAC Anesthesia (updated: 3/28)


Stroke MAC vs GA Decision Tree

COVID/PUI Transport Workflows

Transport Guidelines for Patients Requiring Respiratory Support (updated: 9/24)


Transport: ICU to OR (updated: 8/20)


Transport: Ward to OR (updated: 8/20)


Transport: ED to OR (updated: 8/20)


Transport: Stroke Code (updated: 8/20)


Transport: After the OR (updated: 8/20)

General Guidelines

Interventional Platform Exposure Algorithm (updated: 8/18)


Emergency and Resuscitation Response Guidelines (updated: 8/14)


COVID-19 Patient in IP Tip Sheet for Staff (updated: 4/16)

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