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Backup Liver Call 2019-2020

Starting Block 4, there will be a backup Liver resident on call Saturday 7A-7A, and Sunday 7A-7A. Residents will first have the option to sign up for 1 day or both days at the time of schedule requests. If the spot is not voluntarily taken, it will then be assigned by the chief residents

  1. - This resident should ONLY be called in by the on-call Liver Transplant Attending if they anticipate two simultaneous liver transplants, or consecutive liver transplants which would cause the Liver Rotation resident to go over 24 consecutive hours
  2. - This resident is NOT in the backup resident call pool, and SHOULD NOT be called in from home to help with other services (MSD, Peds, OB, Cardiac, etc)
  3. - Resident should be readily available but anticipate generally within 1-2 hours
  4. - Any resident who has done Cardiac is eligible for backup liver call (does not have to have done full liver rotation previously).

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