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List of Supplies for Adult EB toolkit 2017

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  1. Coban – 3 sizes
      • 1” to secure the pulse-ox
      • 2” for securing IVs
      • 3” may be suitable for larger patients
  2. Webril (the cotton roll used to pad casts): for protection under the BP cuff if no dressing is already on the extremity
  3. Vaseline gauze – many people like this for mask lubrication. Make sure that the packs are small enough that they are single use. One may NOT save a partially-used package and use for another patient due to high MRSA rates
  4. 3M orange defibrillator pads – one pack is usually good enough for 1 patient: used to place between sticky ECG pads and patient. We use the little NICU 3 ECG leads as they are less weighty and less sticky. Coban may be used to hold the lead down
  5. Baby wrap-around pulse ox – we normally use these for everybody in the OR but I know in the adult OR these are not typical, so they would need to be provided in the box
  6. Tegaderm – again I don’t know how often you use Tegaderm, but we have it normally stocked in the cart. These are used to cover the sticky side of the wrap-around pulse ox and are trimmed
  7. Sterile scissors (to trim coban, tegaderm, defib pads etc)
  8. Umbilical tape and tie-around surgical masks (to secure ETT)
  9. Molnycke products
      • Mepitac: Beige silicon-based tape can be used for patients with sturdier skin (with their approval) to secure IVs and occasionally ETT.
      • Mepitel: Nearly transparent with pores. Can be used to protect eyes and many patients use this in their dressings which we tear apart to put monitors on.
      • Mepilex transfer: Looks similar to Reston foam but has a mild silicone-adhesive on the backing. Most commonly used dressing by patients but also great for padding IV catheter so that it doesn’t dig into skin. Can be cut and fashioned into a facemask protector so that lubricated facemask doesn’t need to be used. Regular tape can then be used to tape the ETT to the Mepilex transfer.
  10. Lubricants:
      • Aquaphor: used to lubricate the fully inflated facemask in the event mask ventilation is required. We typically have to ask for this from pharmacy (likely for billing purposes) but I recommend the smaller single-use pots.
      • Lacrilube: eye lubricant. Disliked by many patients because of prolonged blurry vision. We normally carry this in our anesthesia cart but it is handy to have it in the tackle box.
      • Refresh eyedrops: individual little containers of methylcellulose-based eye lubricant which causes less blurriness but is thinner. I like to use with saline-moistened eye pads. I have to ask for this from pharmacy (again – likely a billing issue) but would love to have it normally placed in the tackle box.
  11. Eye pads and saline bullets: see above
  12. 2x2s
  13. Prefilled saline syringes
  14. Small oral suction catheters (not the yankauer--the one with the blue tip)
  15. Pedi 3-lead EKG
  16. Pedi IV T-piece
  17. Pedi oral airways: black, white, and green

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