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Anesoft Corporation develops and distributes medical educational software designed to help health care professionals prepare for medical emergencies by rehearsing critical scenarios using computer simulation. Our mission is to make high-quality, realistic medical simulation available to all health care professionals. (Anesthesia Simulator)

Anesthesia Healthcare Partners (AHP) is a national provider of anesthesia practices and anesthesia management services to hospitals, surgery centers and physician offices. We develop anesthesia programs that deliver high quality care for the facilities and communities we serve.

Avid Avid Anesthesiology Solutions™. Avid is not part of a larger entity selling to multiple specialties, nor do we offer our products merely as a sideline. Avid does not market any specialty other than Anesthesiology and Pain Management. We specialize in anesthesia billing software.

Cerner Corporation Cerner is the leading U.S. supplier of healthcare information technology solutions that optimize clinical and financial outcomes. Examples of products:

Draeger Medical, Inc. The current product range of the medical division includes anesthesia workstations, ventilators for emergency, critical and home care as well as warming therapy for premature infants. Patient monitoring, IT solutions, accessories and consumables, ceiling supply units, light systems and central supply systems for medical gases complete the portfolio.

eAnesthesia Software LLC is a private healthcare software company that provides solutions to hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, office-based practices, and education sites with mobile technology to improve many aspects of the delivery of healthcare, especially patient safety. eAnesthesiaSoftware is committed to developing software products that will enhance the healthcare provider's daily activities and bring the healthcare industry into the twenty first century.

EDImis, Inc. publishes medical billing software for practices of all sizes and specialties. EDImis Practice Management System is HIPAA approved nationwide for direct electronic claims transmission to the regional Medicare carriers for general medicine, anesthesia billing, ambulance billing, and certified rural-health clinics.

Gasshead Built by clinicians for clinicians, Anesthesia Clinical Tutor & Calculator (ACTc) bridges the gap between clinical anesthesia reference books (converted to a PDA format) and practical functioning software. ACTc is a collection of common and uncommon tools that anesthesia providers have used in developing their own clinical practice. It not only presents valuable anesthetic focused information, but also shows the process used in generating that information.

McKesson Corp. develop and install health care information technology systems that eliminate the need for paper prescriptions and paper medical records. Examples of products:

MedStream, Inc. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in: Anesthesia Practice Management, Anesthesia Billing and Collection, Perioperative Performance Improvement, Comprehensive Anesthesia Assessment, Anesthesia Contract/Stipend Evaluation, and Interim Anesthesia Management.

Navaro Medical Solutions, Inc. offers anesthesia billing software for anesthesia offices and billing services. UbiquityMD for Anesthesia has all the powerful new features of the UbiquityMD program plus the most robust set of anesthesia features available in the marketplace.

Picis, Inc. delivers solutions for high-acuity care - the emergency department, the operating room and the intensive care.

Skyscape is the worldwide leader in mobile medical information. Utilizing only the most trusted, valuable resources and tools, Skyscape delivers customizable content by specialty to medical professionals directly at point of care. Timely access to accurate, up-to-the-minute information enables healthcare practitioners to provide better care at lower costs while saving time, minimizing errors and legal challenge.

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