Ether Resources for Anesthesia Research and Education

External Links: Some Manikin Patient Simulators

The Bristol Medical Simulation Centre - first in the UK

The Stanford MedSim-Eagle Patient Simulator

The CAE Patient Simulator

The PatSim-1 Simulator -"A simulator for training in the use of medical equipment in anaesthesia and intensive care"

The METI Human Patient Simulator - "fully automatic, high-fidelity patient simulator specifically designed for training in anesthesia, respiratory and critical care."

The Loral Simulator - "developed at Gainesville by Michael Good and associates, is functioning at Gainesville, Mount Sinai, Augusta, Hershey, Chapel Hill, Rochester, and Nashville."

The Leiden Simulator - "At the 1992 World Congress of Anesthesiologists, a group from Leiden, the Netherlands, led by Chopra and Bovill, unveiled the Leiden Anesthesia Simulator"

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