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Stanford Orthopedic Trauma Anesthesia Rotation
Dr. Painter

     The Orthopedic Trauma Anesthesia Rotation at Stanford University Medical Center offers an experience in the care of trauma patients both in the acute and hyper-acute setting. Although the rotation will be primarily based on orthopedic trauma cases carried out during the 2-week segment, the objective of the module is to incorporate the management of trauma outside this defined period to include all trauma cases encountered throughout residency. Additionally, with an ever-aging population this rotation seeks to expose residents to key concepts in geriatric anesthesia, as many orthopedic trauma cases involve patients of advanced age with multiple co-morbidities necessitating careful consideration to anesthetic choices.

     My goal for this rotation is for you to have a robust and safe learning environment. I hope to embrace the challenges inherent to trauma/ortho-trauma anesthesia and cultivate a teamwork based approach to provide excellent patient care and further your training. Acknowledging that it is often stressful, I hope to empower you to feel more confident and comfortable in developing and executing an anesthetic plan, often will little time to prepare. I am always available for questions/concerns/comments, and your feedback to me of the rotation is equally important. I truly look forward to working with you and I hope to make the next two weeks fun and meaningful.


Chris Painter
650-529-5600 (cell)

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