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Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine Resident Orientation

Welcome to Regional Anesthesiology and Acute Pain Medicine!

Welcome to the Regional Anesthesia rotation. In refining your experience on the regional rotation we have attached the Resident Regional Handbook that serves as your guide to nerve block set-ups, important phone numbers and other such vital information. You MUST read this handbook in its entirety. Below are a few bullet points that direct you to the most important sections in the handbook to stress their importance; however this does not serve as an adequate substitute for reading the handbook in its entirety.

We have also provided access to the Anesthesia Toolbox Curriculum. Attached is a quick navigational guide. In this toolbox you will navigate to the Regional Anesthesia section and will find a variety of learning modules, lectures, and other relevant educational material that is highly encouraged for the rotation. An email notification to access Toolbox will be sent directly from CollectedMed Admin. Your login is your SuNet ID or username within your email address.

Additional online resources/references that you may find useful include "", “”, "". Of these sites, only the toolbox is peer-reviewed and continually updated.

Important Points

Please feel free to contact Dr. Kan for any questions or concerns regarding your upcoming rotation. We are looking forward to having you on service.


Kind regards,

Meredith Kan, M.D.

Director of RAAPM Residency Program



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