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Resident Call-back/Sick Policy

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Updated July 1, 2008

If there are non-call GOR residents in rooms after 6pm, they will stay until they can be relieved by
a GOR call resident. In general, non-call GOR residents should not be relieved by specialty call
residents (cardiac, peds, or liver) at 6pm. The GOR residents will follow the 10 hour rule should
they stay past 8:30 pm.

Once GOR residents are sent home, including 5th, 4th, and 3rd call, they are not to be called back. This is when calling in the specialty services comes into effect, as per the call back policy below.

For cases which occur during the night (after approximately 830 pm), residents should be
assigned in the following order:

a. First call OR (comes in at 7pm)
b. Second call OR
c. Third call OR (provided the resident has not been sent home, and this resident can stay till midnight if needed)
d. Peds call (if not already working in OR)
e. Cardiac call (if not already working in OR)
f. Fourth call OR (if in hospital past 830pm then 10 hr rule applies for next day)
3rd, 4th, and 5th OR call not called back in from home

Residents should be assigned in the following order:

a. First call OR
b. Second call OR
c. Peds call
d. Cardiac call
e. Liver call

NOTE: The intent of the 10-hour-break rule is to allow residents sufficient time after patient care
duties to commute home from the hospital, to obtain 7-8 hrs of sleep, and to commute back to the hospital to resume patient care duties refreshed. Practically, this means that residents should be sent home at 830pm to come in the next day at 630am. The only exception to this rule is a resident choosing to stay past 830pm for educational reasons.

Due to scheduling difficulties and a very tight call schedule, the jeopardy system is suspended for
the month of July. Any resident who is a call number and is sick should page/call one of the chief
residents in addition to the scheduler so that the chief residents may assist the faculty in planning. If a resident is 2nd call and sick, the Chief Residents will decide if about the DAC the following day, on an individual basis.

Weekdays- If a GOR call number calls in sick, all call numbers will move up by one position and
there will be no 5th call that day. If second call is sick- 3rd call will stay as needed and will
continue to follow the 10 hour rule to guide their return to the OR the following day, if they are to
stay past midnight, they will become DAC the next day. 4th call will also follow the 10 hour rule,
should they stay after 8pm. If the night resident is sick- 2nd call will stay in house and continue to
be DAC the following day, and 3rd call will stay as needed, as described above.
Weekends- If 1st call is sick, 2nd call will move up and then additional residents can be called in
per the above stated call back policy (ie cardiac, peds, liver, etc.)
Peds and Cardiac:
If 1st call is sick, second call will fill in and be DAC the following day- the sick resident will be
expected to take over the covering resident’s next day schedule.
If the liver resident is sick, the other resident on liver that month will cover the call.

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