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"No Resident Credit Plan"
The incentive is based on the number of billed anesthesia hours before 5pm when working without a resident until at least 2pm.  Faculty receive incentive for any billed anesthesia hours greater than 8.  Thus, if you bill continuously from 7am to 5pm, you have 10 hours of anesthesia green sheet time and would receive 2 hours of incentive credit.

  • Starting with the incentive turned in during the July period, if are not already doing so, you will need to document your case start and stop times for the day in order to claim incentive credit prior to 17:00. 
  • When you are working with a CA-1 during the month of July it is considered the same thing as working alone. In order to claim incentive credit prior to 5PM you would need to have 8 billable hours. You can claim incentive after you reach the 8 billed hours.

Comment from Ron Pearl 
The work-alone credit was created at a time when we did not have the current system where we track faculty working alone and provide breaks. The rationale for the credit was that faculty working alone often did not get any breaks during the day and therefore some additional compensation was reasonable. A faculty member working alone during the day from 7-5 without any time between cases would be able to claim 2 hours of additional credit. To the extent that there are any breaks between cases or the day is shorter, the argument for additional compensation progressively disappears.

Version: 7/2011


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