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Pediatric Anesthesia Resources


Pediatric Anesthesia Newsletter (SUNET ID required) [Web page]

Goals and Objectives for Pediatric Anesthesia Rotation. [Web page] [Word Document]

Educational resources for the pediatric anesthesia rotation can be downloaded here.

ZIP File Click on the graphic to the left to download the files (11.3 MB)

The archive also contains the following files:

  1. Advanced Pediatric CV Goals
  2. Airway Management
  3. Anatomy, Physiology and Pediatric Anesthesia
  4. Anesthetic Techniques
  5. Childhood Diseases
  6. Introductory Pediatric CV Goals
  7. Neonatal Anesthesia
  8. Out of OR Anesthesia
  9. Pediatric Cardiothoracic Anesthesia
  10. Pediatric Index
  11. Pediatric Pain Management and Regional Anesthesia
  12. Preoperative Anesthesia
  13. Required Reading
  14. Resuscitation
  15. Self Assessment
  16. World ANesthesia Tutorial Program


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