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Stanford Ortho Rotation
Dr. Tanaka


Welcome to your 2 week orthopedic rotation. For the next 2 weeks, you will continue to polish your general anesthesia skills along with an emphasis on anesthesia techniques for orthopedic procedures including neuroaxial blocks and an understanding of peripheral nerve blocks. See rotation objectives for specific rotation goals.

Drs. Kan and Tanaka created the curriculum for this rotation. There is a recommended reading assignment for each day (“Syllabus”) as well as a list of other articles that may apply to specific patients you are likely to encounter (“Articles of Interest”). Each day should include a brief discussion with your attending about the topic you read about the previous evening.

The ultimate goal, however, is that the curriculum serves as a roadmap for self-guided learning. You will be paired with Drs. Kan and Tanaka as much as possible, but since they may be post-call, on vacation, or assigned to non-ortho cases, it is important that you take the initiative each day to accomplish the course objectives. The faculty is aware that there are topics of discussion for each day, but you may need to remind them of the day’s specific topic. Also, mention that you would like to have time to complete post-op visits if possible.

Pre-reading assignments: Chapter 50 on Barash (part related to total joint surgery – hip and knee) and guidelines on some basic information about orthopedic anesthesia plans.

Drs. Kan and Tanaka are very open to feedback to improve this rotation, so do not hesitate to discuss your ideas with them.

Have fun and enjoy your ortho anesthesia rotation!

Update 2014 from the original written by:
Megan Olejniczak – CA1

Stanford Anesthesia Class of 2013

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